The South West Group Regional NRM Facilitator works with member Councils to:

  • facilitate collaborative and coordinated weed and feral animal control activities,
  • engage with state government agencies and other land managers to ensure they effectively manage weeds and feral animals on land under their control,
  • gather information and implement research on priority issues, and
  • seek external grant funding to supplement Council budgets.

Fox tracking for better trapping:

In 2018, a collaborative research project involving the Cities of Canning, Cockburn, Fremantle, Kwinana, Melville and Rockingham and the Town of East Fremantle commenced to determine where and how foxes move through the region. The project, aided by a grant from the State NRM Program, involves GPS collars being fitted to foxes across the region, and the movement patterns of each fox is then monitored over several months. At the conclusion of the monitoring, each fox is caught and euthanised. Once analysed (expected by December 2020), the data obtained will be used by Councils to plan and optimise the effectiveness of their future fox trapping programs.