The SWCDeF Inc. Management Committee members represent a range of organisations including:

  • South West Group member Councils (City of Cockburn, Town of East
    Fremantle, City of Kwinana, City of Melville and City of Rockingham)
  • Chambers of Commerce (Fremantle, Rockingham-Kwinana)
  • Business
  • Community

Management Committee membership for 2021/2022 is as follows:

  • Councillor Adin Lang (City of Fremantle) – Chair
  • Councillor Dennis Wood (City of Kwinana) – Vice-Chair
  • Councillor Duncan Macphail (City of Melville) – Treasurer
  • Dr Kathleen Broderick (Perth South West Metropolitan Alliance NRM Facilitator) – Secretary
  • Councillor Tarun Dewan (City of Cockburn)
  • Councillor Phoebe Corke (City of Cockburn deputy)
  • Councillor Tony Natale (Town of East Fremantle)
  • Councillor Dean Nardi (Town of East Fremantle deputy)
  • Councillor Ben Lawver (City of Fremantle deputy)
  • Councillor Sherilyn Wood (City of Kwinana deputy / Individual member)
  • Councillor Glynis Barber (City of Melville deputy)
  • Councillor Robert Schmidt (City of Rockingham)
  • Councillor Caroline Hume (City of Rockingham deputy)
  • Warwick Carter A/Director (Perth South West Metropolitan Alliance)