Regional Transport Action Plan

The Regional Transport Action Plan (RTAP) was first developed in 2011/12 to provide direction and identify action based activities required to progress transport priorities and initiatives in the South West Metropolitan Region.

The RTAP advocates a “can do” approach to identifying what is important for the region and the types of investment in transport infrastructure and services that will support economic development in the region.

The regional priority projects identified in the RTAP and their respective elements, which are used to guide advocacy and lobbying activities based on agreed priorities at a given point in time, include the following:

· Outer Harbour Port Gateway – New Port(s) / Latitude 32

· Murdoch Activity Centre / Jandakot City

· Cockburn Central Development and Connections

· Fremantle Inner Harbour

· Fremantle City Redevelopment

· Cockburn Coast Development

· Keralup Townsite and Karnup

· Central Transport Network

· South Eastern Transport Network

The RTAP Phase One Report and Strategic Priority Projects Report attached provides further details. The RTAP is progressed through the annual advocacy activities of the South West Group and by the implementation of the Regional Integrated Transport Framework and component programs.