The Issue

The Murdoch Activity Centre is master-planned to develop into a significant metropolitan centre based around key activities of health, education, innovation and research. It is approximately 18 kilometres south of the Perth CBD – ideally located for community health providers, medical research institutes or similar facilities to capture the benefits of the proximity to both a private hospital and the State’s newest tertiary hospital.

The centre’s existing collection of tertiary education institutions, hospitals, transport infrastructure and developable land provides the foundation for Murdoch to grow into one of the largest centres of activity outside of Perth CBD. Current structure planning provides for growth to 35,000 jobs, 44,000 students and in excess of 6,000 new dwellings. The structure plan is shown in the figure below.

One key piece of enabling infrastructure required to fulfil the Activity Centre plan is the parcel of land to the west of the Murdoch train station, currently used for a Public Transport Authority (PTA) car park. Relocation of PTA car park will enable delivery of Stage 2 of Landcorp’s mixed use precinct planned for that location. But currently, the existing car park is prohibiting the integrated development of this high-value land into a mixed use precinct.

The Opportunity

It is expected that the Stage 2 Landcorp mixed use precinct could accommodate 750 dwellings for 2,000 residents and 28,000 sqm of health, retail and commercial space to complement the emerging Health and Knowledge Precinct.

What is the opportunity worth?

Stage 2 has six $100 million components for an approximate total development value of $600 million. But it cannot progress until the PTA car park land becomes available.

Our ask of Government

Our ask of the State Government is to find an alternative location for the car park. One option is for the PTA car park to be relocated and a multi-storey car park built at an alternative location more suited to park and ride facilities, there may be other options available.