The Issue

The section of Kwinana Freeway between Roe Highway and Thomas Road is a key component of the National Freight Network and is identified as  “Key Freight Route Road” under the National Freight Strategy.  Widening of parts of Kwinana Freeway is already identified as an Infrastructure Australia Priority Project, but it does not include the southern section between Russell Road and Thomas Road.

A high proportion of Perth’s urban and industrial development is planned within this area and upgrading of the Kwinana Freeway to the north of this area is expected to move congestion farther south into the section between Russell Road and Thomas Road.

There are 46,123 vehicles per day south bound and 41,645 vehicles per day north bound using this section of the Kwinana Freeway, and travel efficiency is expected to decline rapidly in the coming years.

The Opportunity

The area has a nationally significant economy based on mineral processing, oil refining, grain and bulk exports and supporting the resources and defence sectors.

The link services Perth’s only heavy industrial area that has a current gross regional product of over $15 billion. Congestion will constrain billions of dollars of investment in urban,commercial and industrial expansion.

2017/18 annual building approvals in the region were $1.87 billion in a total regional economy of $26 billion. Main Roads WA assess Kwinana Freeway as the top route in terms of total cost of congestion with a current annual congestion cost of $140 million. Main Roads WA show traffic volumes on the Kwinana Freeway south of Russell Road as 46,123 vehicles per day southbound (with 15.8% trucks), and 41,645 northbound with (14.1% trucks).

What is the opportunity worth?

By 2026, the cost of congestion on vehicle traffic and on housing costs is expected to be $26.3 million annually. By 2036, that is forecast to rise to $38.7 million annually.

Our ask of Government

Continue the widening of the Kwinana Freeway to include the next section farther south, between Russell Road and Thomas Road, northbound and southbound.