The Issue

The Cities of Melville and South Perth and the Western Australian Government developed an Activity Centre Plan for Canning Bridge in February 2016 that provides for an additional 24,000 residents within the 164-hectare area by 2051, as well as over 6,000 additional jobs. This increased density and availability of local jobs should reduce congestion and promote greater use of public transport.

The plateauing of public transport use in Metropolitan Perth requires investment in improving intermodal transfers as well as increasing capacity. The traffic increase on Canning Highway requires additional capacity in crossing the Canning River as a matter of urgency.

The site is already one of the busiest bus stations in suburban Perth with a bus movement every minute during peak periods. It is only seven kilometres from the Perth CBD. Main Roads WA estimate that by 2031 there will be 105,000 vehicles per day crossing the Canning Bridge. The Canning Bridge section of Canning Highway is already one of the most congested roads in Perth with an annual congestion cost of $1.73 million per kilometre.

The Opportunity

The project to build the new southern bridge and establish a purpose built bus station (with “kiss and ride” drop off provision and other facilities) connected to the Mandurah Rail Line, Canning Bridge Rail Station is estimated to cost $200 million.

The construction of the bridge and bus station would facilitate stronger east-west public transport connections (such as to Fremantle and Curtin University) and the bridge is expected to serve as a catalyst to the construction of improved public transport along those corridors in future years (e.g. bus lanes, rapid bus transit and potentially light rail).

What is the opportunity worth?

Current congestion as identified in ARRB report within the Canning Bridge Precinct is $20.85 million annually. Canning Highway’s overall congestion cost estimated at $1.73 million per kilometre per year, totalling $59.7 million. By 2031, with 105,000 vehicles expected to be crossing Canning Bridge daily, this cost is forecast to increase to $69.2 million.

Our ask of Government

Build the new southern bridge and establish a purpose built bus station connected to the Mandurah Rail Line (Canning Bridge Rail Station).